AccessElite Well-being

Why AccessElite

AccessElite is here to be your partner in total well-being while creating a connected culture amongst all employees.

Right now times are unprecedented, workforce norms are continuously changing, and human connection is at an all time low. Now is the time for companies to evolve how they support their employees, reduce burnout and ensure happy people and a connected culture.

Culture Crisis = High Turnover

As employees no longer feel connected to the company, they will look for new places to work. This leads to higher turnover and major costs associated to loss in productivity and recruitment.

Burnout is at an All time High

More than 76% of employed Americans report they are currently experiencing burnout. This trend is unlikely to change without proactive intervention, education and support from employers.

No Comprehensive Option = Dissatisfaction and Low Engagement

HR executives are tasked with ensuring employees have access to mental health, emotional support, fitness, nutrition, family support, DEIB education, personal development, team building and more. This would historically cause them to need 8 plus different vendors leading to low utilization, poor role out and dissatisfaction.

The Era of “Cool Perks” is Dead

Data shows employees value their wellbeing over free food and cool promotions. In addition, they prefer feeling respected and being supported by their managers and for their employers to prioritize flexibility. However, employers are struggling to keep up, and many workers are stepping away because their leaders aren’t adapting quickly enough.

AccessElite is here to be your partner in total well-being while creating a connected culture amongst all employees.

Working With Us

We strive to make health and wellness as easy as possible while delivering tangible results.


We help you create a program as unique as your employees and our unique approach to developing personalized programs just for your organization is what makes it so simple.


From signing up on our mobile application, booking a team experience through our events portal, to communicating the launch of your new wellness program – we’ll handle it all.


Results Oriented

Adding value and making a difference is at the heart of what we believe in. Our wellness managers make tracking your team’s progress easy by reporting on metrics specific to the unique deliverables of your customized program.

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