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Wellness Redefined: AE Staff Spotlight

Now more than ever, it’s critical to keep teams connected, engaged, and well. 

At AccessElite we encourage companies and their employees to redefine how they think about total well-being. Prioritizing our physical, mental, emotional, and social health enables us to cultivate connections in our lives, ultimately creating a happier and healthier person, employee, parent, and self.

But…leading with these values also starts from within our own company, so to close out National Wellness Month we wanted to look inward to our AccessElite staff, the heart and soul of our organization, and spotlight two of our team members. They are sharing their own stories of how they redefine wellness in their life this August, and every day. 


Hayley, Growth Marketing Director

“As a working mom of 3 young girls, my work/life balance and staying fit and healthy can feel impossible at times. For years I have struggled with anxiety, mainly around what my body looked like, how I physically felt and things not being “perfect”…eating disorders have been a big part of my life. But as I recently reached my 40’s, my sense of wellness has started to shift and I have started to redefine what being well means at this time in my life…and for my 3 girls.

Recently I have made it a point to focus on my emotional health by putting down my phone once 6:00pm hits and being in the moment with my kids, whether playing board games, watching them scooter or curling up for a movie. I have worked on my mindfulness and breathing when I feel my stress levels start to rise, which has helped curb my snapping / yelling at the kids (and helped decrease my mom guilt!) 

In my 20s and 30s I used to think I had to work out at a gym at least 4 times a week, but with my schedule that is just not doable. I have become more comfortable with alternative physical activities (thanks to living in Vermont) – going standup paddle boarding in the summer and snowboarding in the winter still allows me to be active while hanging with my family. I try to get in a mile walking or jogging with my dog in the woods anytime it’s nice out. Thanks to AccessElite, I can join an on-demand fitness class that fits with my calendar.

Finally, I have made it a priority to have more 1 on 1 nights with my husband and spend more time with my “mom squad” (even if that includes all our kids too). We all have daily stressors; being able to lean on them for support, laughs, advice and just good conversation helps both my mental and social health.

I have always felt that wellness had to be traditional – run 3 miles, do a yoga class, drink 64 oz of water a day, eat a balanced meal, get a good night’s sleep. Those things are still important, but they don’t necessarily fit my daily lifestyle of a busy working mom of 3. So I have learned to redefine what wellness is in my life and what works for me and my family to live happy, healthy, fulfilled lives.  It is definitely still a process and I have my bad days…but I am starting to be a bit more comfortable in my skin and excited for the continued journey.” 

Patrick, Sales and Business Development Manager

“Wellness for me is about taking it easy when I need to, and not feeling guilty for it.

In March of this year, I started noticing that my left eye vision was getting a little blurry in one corner. That evening I went to a Warby Parker in Brooklyn to have it checked, and after looking at my eye, the doctors there immediately called hospitals around New York to find anyone working after hours. It turned out that my retina had detached. That was the first long night of many to follow.

What came next were several months of surgeries, recovery, lasers, scans, waiting rooms, sitting and sleeping upright with my head tilted to 2 o’clock, missed birthdays and concerts, re-learning to work, and re-learning to see. So far in this marathon, my retina has been re-attached, thanks to the doctors at Mt. Sinai, and the long-term repair is underway. My vision will never be quite what it was. But it’s enough!

I’m young and healthy with no prior history of any challenges, but the fact is, this just happens to people sometimes, and a few folks are just more prone to it for whatever reason. 

Before, wellness for me was about strengthening my body, building my stamina, and sharpening my mind by gaining as many new skills as I could.

The retina is one of the most delicate parts of the human body, and mine is more fragile than most. I realized quickly that if I’m going to protect it, I had to learn to take it easy and to re-define how I thought of health and well-being. 

I have to be careful with high-impact activities like running and interval training, and stress and high blood pressure can exacerbate the problem. I have to rest my eyes more than I used to because of strain, so I build a few moments of mindfulness and stillness into my day. 

We’re conditioned to prioritize going hard, living fast, and never stopping. Sometimes it takes a major life event to show you another way. But it doesn’t have to!” 

It is time for the days of traditional wellness to be over. Join us in supporting and enabling employees to be their best selves both in and out of the office.

AccessElite is an organization on a mission to build vibrant, engaged communities around health and wellness. We are here to be your partner in building a connected culture of total wellbeing for your employees – no matter where they are or what they need in a constantly evolving journey. To learn more, visit us at, or reach out to us today!

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