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The Importance of Personalized Employee Recognition

As companies of all sizes continue to work remotely in this ever-changing and uncertain landscape, creating a sense of celebration and team building is more important than ever. On March 8 we celebrate International Women’s Day to honor the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women throughout history. Observing this day in the workplace not only acknowledges women’s global contributions, but bolsters company culture by inspiring a sense of unity and appreciation. In addition, on the first Friday in the month of March we celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. This official holiday was created as a way for companies to thank their employees by recognizing their annual achievements, strengthening the bond between employee and employer. 

While observing these annual holidays in the workplace helps acknowledge each person’s inherent value, it is the celebration that is ingrained within a company’s culture that makes the most difference in employee satisfaction. In fact, research from a Glassdoor Employee Appreciation Survey shows that for 53% of people, feeling more appreciation from their boss would help them stay longer at their company. 

It is vital, especially given the new challenges people face today, that leaders foster an environment that nurtures talent, celebrates teams, and offers individualized recognition. The more engaged a team member is within an organization, meaning they feel heard, seen, and taken care of, the more commitment they show in return. Most crucially, employees who feel valued and recognized for their accomplishments derive a strong sense of meaning and purpose from their work, which also increases their loyalty.  

This includes finding ways to mark special moments and holidays, as well as employee and company milestones, but what’s even more essential is that the recognition and support extends year-round. Here are three ways: 

1. Personalize recognition and rewards: To celebrate your team, it’s critical that you consider each individual’s unique needs. Leaders also need to recognize that each employee is different and may place value differently. While one employee might prioritize PTO, another employee might value tangible items or verbal recognition. The more engaged a team member is within an organization, the more commitment they show in return. 

2. Communication is key. Communication builds trust and mutual respect, so connecting with your team on a more personal level goes a long way – and the reward experience is no different. By taking the time to seek out their feedback and recognize their needs,  leaders can better understand each team member, build meaningful relationships, and provide personalized rewards that speak to employees on a personal and individual level. Showing employees that you care about them through increased benefits that are tailored to their personal wellbeing will go a long way towards ensuring satisfaction and engagement. 

3. Give them the gift of wellness. Healthy employees are happy employees. In today’s climate, employees are faced with even more unique challenges affecting them physically, emotionally, mentally and socially.  As employees continue to work in a remote setting, they suffer from a lack of social connection, digital fatigue, and unhealthy eating and stress management habits which can lead to a decrease in productivity, and an increase in employee burnout. By acknowledging and nurturing employees’ holistic health, employers demonstrate that they value their wellbeing and appreciate the multi-faceted importance of health and wellness.

AccessElite delivers comprehensive resources across four core pillars: physical, mental, emotional and social support such as virtual corporate events, live fitness, nutrition, and meditation classes that can boost overall company morale and engage employees. For more ideas on personalized employee recognition, reach out to   

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