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Bringing Employee Appreciation Into Your Company Culture

Explore new ways to give thanks for your employees.

As we kick off National Gratitude Month and edge closer to the end of 2021, now is the perfect time to recognize what your employees have accomplished this past year – and to perhaps find some fresh and innovative ways to express your gratitude.

Whether it’s a kind word in the hallway or over zoom, a gift basket on a work anniversary, or a catered lunch on a rainy day, showing appreciation to your employees creates a pleasant work environment, boosts employee-leader connections, and increases employee health and wellness. But no matter how you do it, showing your appreciation isn’t just an exercise in warm fuzzies. It’s actually important to your organization’s bottom line. 

“When people experience gratitude from their manager, they’re more productive,” reports a team of management experts at Babson College who have studied appreciation in the workplace. “Teams perform tasks better when their members believe that their colleagues respect and appreciate them.”

Fostering a culture of appreciation

Research recently conducted by the team at Babson College reveals a handful of potential problems that companies should look out for, though. First, they identified a dramatic difference between how much managers appreciated their employees and how appreciated the employees actually felt. It turns out when managers struggle to show their gratitude, they incorrectly assume employees know how they feel about them. Second, they saw how often a company’s inauthentic attempts at showing gratitude resulted in employee eyerolls rather than the teams feeling truly appreciated. 

The answer to both problems is to build a culture of appreciation, which the team at Babson College puts down to a few common-sense practices: “Not taking your people for granted. Remembering to say thank-you in a personal and sincere way. Making it clear that you’re interested in your employees’ growth and in them as individuals.” 

“Anyone at any level can offer appreciation,” they add. “But when leaders get involved in the effort, a culture of appreciation spreads more quickly.”

How to say “thank you” in a major way

The good news is that showing appreciation doesn’t have to be difficult, awkward, or boring. In fact, you can take this opportunity to not only celebrate the extraordinary efforts of your staff during a challenging year but also build connections and have some fun. How? By offering your employees a special hosted event, interactive experience or sincere personalized gift.

To help companies show their appreciation this year, AccessElite has curated more than 100 unique interactive experiences for employees to participate in, including dozens of seasonal activities that would make the perfect end-of-year celebration. These events are hosted virtually, so no one on your team will be left out, no matter where they are. Here are just a few examples:

  • The Gratitude Workshop
  • Winter Cookies And Cocktails
  • Holiday Centerpiece Making With Cocktails
  • Ugly Sweater Contest And Scavenger Hunt
  • Greeting Card Workshop
  • Dueling Pianos And Cocktails
  • Cocktails And Comedy
  • Holiday Cocktails And Mocktails
  • Healthy Holiday Survival Guide
  • Symphony Performance And Wine Sip
  • Holiday Drag Performance, Trivia & Cocktails
  • Chocolate And Wine (or Whiskey) Pairing 
  • Aurora Hunting In Iceland
  • Magic Show With A Holiday Spin
  • Mulled Wine And Cider Tutorial and Kit
  • Pie-Making Workshop
  • Gingerbread House Competition
  • Cooking Sensational Holiday Sides
  • Kids Holiday Crafts (Family Event)

For craft and cooking events and workshops, all the necessary materials and ingredient lists are sent out in advance as part of a complete event kit. Experiences are guided by live AccessElite hosts who know how to get people engaged and maximize the opportunities for building connections. Visit our Events page to explore all the options.

Year-round gratitude

Showing appreciation for your employees is not just good for motivation and mental health, it’s good for business. And it should be something employees experience throughout the year, not just on an anniversary or other special occasion. Make 2022 the year you bring employee appreciation into your company culture. 

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