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AE Grow offers exclusive programs designed to strengthen culture and engagement throughout your company, through expert-led programs deployed in team settings. AccessElite group coaching programs take everything that employees love about our well-being events, diversity and inclusion sessions, and personal development experiences and adapts them into a customized coaching curriculum for more intimate group settings, providing even greater opportunities for engagement, connection, and deep learning. 

Our industry-leading experts will guide group coaching sessions over 90 days while providing each team member with two individual coaching sessions to focus on their own goals and growth. AE Grow is perfect for teams, employee resource groups, cross-team leadership, and upper management alike. With everything taking place remotely, participants benefit from all that coaching provides, in a convenient, virtual context. 





Build great COMMUNICATION skills for great LEADERSHIP. 

Learn how culturally competent communication, based on the fundamentals of emotional intelligence and social sensitivity, can strengthen your teams. Our Lead program will ensure that your teams and your clients are heard, understood, and aligned.

UPLIFT employee MINDSET to bring their best to work each day.

Our Rise program is designed to guide your team through mindfulness practices, visualization, and intention-setting, while providing employees with techniques to calm their minds, elevate their mood, and approach their work with a thriving, vibrant mindset. 

Build personal TIME and ENERGY management skills.

Our Cultivate program enhances your teams’ individual strengths, which will strengthen their performance in both work and life. Enhance their short-term and long-term prioritization skills, fundamental communication and collaboration techniques.

Cultivate EQUITY and INCLUSION from within.

Our Belong program is designed to deepen understanding of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging for your teams, while growing your employees’ perspective on topics that promote holistic inclusion for all in the workplace.

AccessElite’s industry-leading coaches will guide group coaching sessions over 90 days, enhanced with discussion and feedback. In addition to this, every member of the team will receive 2 individual coaching sessions to focus on their own goals and growth.

Each 90-Day Intensive Includes:

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