AccessElite Well-being

AE ChallengE

Taking care of your employees shouldn’t feel like a struggle, nor should motivating them! As part of our programming, we develop team challenges that will not only keep your teams healthy and happy, but also help them feel more connected.

Check Out a Few of Our Challenges

Fire Up Your Fitness

Invite your team to compete in a one-month Walking Challenge to and compete in most steps completed.

Rehydrate and Re-charge

Participants are placed in teams to track their combined water intake for 30 days.

Mind Your Mental Health

Individuals track "Mindful Minutes" for 30 days. Mindful Minutes can include meditation, breath-work, yoga, prayer etc.

The Power of Sleep

Participants track the hours of sleep they get each night for 30 days. Hours of sleep are to be logged daily.

Push-Up Challenge

Participants get 30-seconds a day to complete as many push-ups as they can with the ability to log their daily progress. Alternative workout options such as squats or jumping jacks are available as well.

Everything that we do is customized for you and your organization. We’ll do an assessment to understand your team’s needs and develop challenges tailored to them!