AccessElite Well-being


AE Anywhere is a customized platform and all-inclusive solution to your employees well-being at the tip of their fingers. With an AccessElite Anywhere membership, your team will receive exclusive access to our mobile app and online portal which has:

Discover our well-being platform

AccessElite Anywhere Makes It Easy To Take Care Of Your Team

We take the burden off of you while giving your team access to the resources they need to invest in themselves and connect with each other.

Access to a Large Network of Subject Matter Experts

Established Digital Platform for All Devices

Vast Content For All Company Sizes

Full-Service Account Management

Employee well-being doesn’t need to follow the 9-5 model

Whether they’re at their desk or in their living room, your team will have access to physical, mental, emotional and social wellness support with the press of a button.

Partner with us and we can provide your employees the value and convenience of a wellness platform that is accessible when they need it.

Seamless Onboarding Process

Our Member Services Team deploys a smooth onboarding process to ensure each and every employee has an easy, seamless experience. 

Pick a Start Date
Select Team Members
Select Your Onboarding Event
Download the App
Get Your Health and Wellness on
Monthly Touchpoints

Finally! One program that every employee will love!

AccessElite Anywhere helps me to be proactive about my health. I can finally make the time to get healthy and enjoy the process with all the fun classes

Jordan Detaunte

AE Anywhere Member

You’re not in competition with anyone except the person you were yesterday. Every morning when you open your eyes, ask yourself how you will get 1% better today!

Jarratt Rouse

AccessElite Fitness Expert

Inspire your team through education and connection.