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AccessElite CEO Jenna Mons Anderson featured in Mediaplanet’s “Employee Well-Being & Engagement” campaign

AccessElite’s CEO, Jennifer Mons Anderson was featured as a thought leader in USA Today for Mediaplanet’s “Employee Well-Being & Engagement” campaign. Jenna provides insight on how to navigate the new normal of employee well-being and help shed light on how employers can help more effectively promote a successful work culture. As the ongoing pandemic continues to transform where and how people work, employers need to rethink how they are championing employee engagement and wellness in the year to come. Some highlights of her commentary are below and you can read the full article, here.

In what ways can employers/organizations encourage a culture of health and wellness?          

Jenna Mons Anderson: The key to building an inclusive culture where health and well-being are a priority is doing more than just encouraging it. Organizations need to embody it. They need to understand first where their culture is and what they hope it will become. That culture is always evolving and the people within an organization define it. Employers need to set their people up for success by investing in programs that are comprehensive in nature, data-enabled, and fun.

Why is company culture so important for employee well-being?

JMA: Employees spend more than half their day, in most cases, where they work. The company culture impacts all aspects of their well-being. People want to be supported, inspired, and empowered. They want to wake up in the morning and know their work is valued. A good employee well-being program is diverse and well-aligned with the corporate culture. It needs to offer a variety of options and meet each employee where they are. To do that, organizations need to initiate conversations that are vital to employee well-being.

What are some key strategies companies can employ to prevent employee burnout and retain top talent?

JMA: Make diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) part of your well-being program. It is so important to align and integrate your well-being and DEIB strategies and programs. A good employee well-being program is diverse and well-aligned with the corporate culture. Your programs should be representative of your employee population from the classes/events offered to content selected and instructors used.

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