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7 Easy Ways To Keep Employees Engaged This Summer

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With summertime in full gear, employers must find ways to keep their employees engaged through the summer when work productivity slowly drops. Here are 7 easy ways to keep employees engaged this summer:

1. Create summer-inspired team challenges: hula hoop competition, fitness challenges or healthy eating challenges. The possibilities are endless and can be inclusive when it comes to creating friendly team competition. You can even create a challenge that could expand to the entire family unit. 

2. Be flexible with summertime schedules: Many use summer to travel, make plans with family and friends or have more activities going on in general. Create a workspace where employees feel that they have flexibility to act on those plans. Whether that’s half day Fridays or even allowing for remote or hybrid days. The point is to allow employees to feel that they can work, but also have time for their summertime activities. 

3. Create at-home garden projects together: Another great team-building activity that everyone can participate in. Summer is a great season to plant and garden so what better way to encourage some time outdoors than starting a gardening project. Have employees who don’t have outdoor patios? Create sustainable succulents or terrariums together that thrive inside! You can even create a channel on your communication platform to share pictures and tips.

4. Plan time for employees to gather outside of meetings: A picnic at the park for lunch? Team dinner at the newest restaurant? A field trip to the local museum? There’s no better way to gather employees than getting together outside of the office!

5. Remember your remote workers need team building too: In many remote first work environments, it can be difficult to find ways to get teams together in a relaxed environment. Schedule time for a fun activity such as a friendly game show, exciting magic show or a virtual cocktail making class, all virtually!

6. Encourage employee creativity: summer is the perfect time to express yourself, wear aloha shirts to the team meeting, utilize beachy zoom backdrops or even decorate your home office. Encourage employees to have fun and create.

7. Support and encourage employees to get moving! Ex: bike, walk, zumba, encourage your team to soak up the sun and get moving this summer.

AccessElite is here to help you find more ways to keep your employees engaged all summer long. We offer hundreds of live and on-demand classes, challenges and team-builidng events to meet your company wellness goals!

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