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3 Tips To Improve Workplace Wellness Programs

As workplace culture continues to evolve, we’re seeing employees demand more from their employers as the current wellness programs simply aren’t meeting their needs. As companies consider where to go from here, understanding where their employees are in their well-being journey and what they are seeking is crucial. Here are 3 tips that may help improve your workplace wellness programs:

1. Make sure your wellness program is helping your employees thrive both inside and outside of work. According to Liz Fosslien, head of content and communications at HUMU, “Fundamentally, the problem with a lot of wellness programs is that they put the onus entirely on the individual. So the idea is: here’s a meditation app that you can use to meditate, but don’t do it during work hours, and don’t bother the rest of your team with it”. Employers should be encouraging employees to use their wellness programs throughout all hours of the day. The point is to create a safe environment for your employees to practice self-care, even if that means they need to take a 10 min “meditation break” during work hours.

2. Personalize benefits to match employee needs.  Virgile Loisance, CEO of Emeraude Escape, a Paris-based company that designs bespoke escape room experiences for businesses states that “companies can no longer expect to serve every employee’s individual needs with just a few large benefits programs. Rather, it is about ‘pick and choose’ offerings that put employees in control of their benefits.” Meeting the needs of all employees can seem like a harrowing task, but simply asking what your employees want from a wellness program is a great start. Don’t just throw benefits at your employees and be surprised that they don’t utilize them. Employees are not a “one size fits all”. Companies need to build trust with their workers in order to successfully launch a wellness program that is benefiting them in the long run.

3. Make sure leadership is caught up on all the latest workplace practices. It’s as simple as “Do you practice what you preach?” Do your employees see you implement wellness programs in your day to day? Ensuring that all leadership is receiving coaching, DEIB training, and more to support their employees should be a top priority. Employees need to feel seen and heard by their employers, not just thrown a wellness program with no support to back them up. Employees want to see you lead by example and not only utilize the wellness programs but encourage everyone to do the same. 

Implementing a wellness program into your workplace culture is a great start to creating a more positive employee well-being space! However, don’t forget to consider what your employees may like. Ask questions, learn, and don’t forget to lead by example. If you’re interested in transforming your workplace culture, AccessElite has an array of wellness offerings, coaching and well-being programs that can help your company thrive.

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