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Everything your employees need to care for their mind and body – all in one place.

Make Culture and Well-Being a Priority in Your Company

AccessElite is more than just a health benefit program, we are employee engagement and well-being made easy.

The key to building an inclusive culture where health and well-being are a priority is doing more than just encouraging it. Organizations need to embody it. They need to understand first where their culture is and what they hope it will become. That culture is always evolving and the people within an organization define it. Employers need to set their people up for success by investing in programs that are comprehensive in nature, data-enabled, and fun. 

– Jenna Mons Anderson, AccessElite CEO

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Times are unprecedented, workforce norms are continuously changing, and human connection is at an all time low. Now, more than ever, organizations need to explore new ways to engage their team members and take care of their well-being.

AccessElite is your one-stop-shop solution!

Broadest Array of Content

Our programs are designed to meet the needs of every employee with comprehensive offerings spanning mental health, mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, personal development, team building activities, culture and DEIB. We will help you create a program as unique as your employees.

Turnkey Solution

With our easy to use platform, we take the burden off of you while giving your team access to the resources they need to invest in themselves and connect with each other. With AccessElite, you can ensure your employees will get an experience that exceeds expectations.

Personalized Hands on Support

Corporate members are provided with continuous educational content, well-being tracking, user-friendly dashboards, an easy-to-use mobile application, and personalized calls from our Member Services Team.

Product Offerings

Your Partner in Well-being

A wellness benefits program that positively impacts the individual, the organization’s culture and overall engagement.

AE Well-being

The most comprehensive well-being solution on the market includes on-site and virtual physical, mental, and emotional well-being classes combined with challenges, well-being trackers and exclusive wellness brand perks

AE Thrive

Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging program breaks down barriers and creates opportunities for connection, learning, and development. We partner with you to help create a connected culture for your teams.

AE Connect

The broadest array of team building activities on the market, offering everything from crafting to cocktails, and magicians to virtual petting zoos. All programs are coupled with an exceptional full-service experience.

AE Grow

Take development and learning to the next level with group coaching. Our intensives foster meaningful personal development, training, and connection tailored to each individual and team.

AE Events and Health Fairs

Virtual health/wellness experiences and open enrollment benefits fairs customized to fit your organization’s needs. 

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More Than Just A Health Benefit Program

We Are Workplace Well-being Made EASY

An easy way for your team to access the resources they need to invest in themselves, while connecting with each other.

We deliver personalized well-being experiences for employees that positively impacts the individual, the organization’s culture and overall engagement.

Inspire your team through education and connection.

We own our technology from end to end, providing a highly configurable and comprehensive wellbeing experience, all supported by exceptional service and integrated solutions.

The AccessElite Well-being Portal is a comprehensive, dynamic employee engagement platform. Accessible from all devices making it easy to access wellness tools and resources, including your well-being stats, wellness challenges, on-demand classes, health blogs and much more. It also adapts to individual users, providing a truly tailored and personalized experience.

Incentive & Reward Management

Participants can follow their well-being progress from the dashboard to easily understand the rewards they have earned as a result of their wellness participation. AccessElite supports all types of program designs, and we can coordinate all data for incentive tracking.

Custom-Designed Communications

Our in-house creative team offers full communications support, including content creation and design of web banners, fliers, posters, custom logos and animated videos. Personalized ongoing wellness communication includes a dynamic SMS text and email reminder engine to keep your employees informed and engaged.

Your Privacy is Important to Us!

All health data is stored on a secure system, and monitored for security 24/7. We will never share personal data with outside organizations and will delete any personal data upon request. HIPAA compliance ensures we meet government standards for protection of private health information.

National & International Capability

Do you have an international population? Have you ever wondered how to deliver a consistent and engaging wellness experience to all of your locations, even across the globe? With AccessElite, multinational organizations can now deliver a comprehensive wellness program on a global scale.

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